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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The law of lawlessness strikes yet again...

We do not cry, for it is truly said,
"Our tears are frozen dry, 
We have no tears to shed!"

Lahore: In Quetta the  Hazara community was targeted for being "Hazara", in Karachi the Shiite community was targeted for being Shiite. So let's just accept the fact that the Christians in Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh, Lahore, were targeted for being Christians.  Xenophobic madness is not an excuse; it is a well thought-out strategy to destabilize Pakistan. Even a casual glance at the history of Pakistan over the last three decades reveals the mathematical predictability of these cowardly acts of destroying Pakistan bit by bit. Cowardly, yes. How else would you describe three to four thousand armed men marching on the houses of 178 unarmed slum dwelling Christians.

Pakistan, according to General Zia ul Haq, the soldier of Islam, is the Castle of Islam. (He is also (dis)credited  with introducing the "blasphemy laws").   And Islam according to Millions of Pakistanis is the Religion of Peace.

Internally nothing has destabilized Pakistan more than the internationally infamous and  controversial laws generally referred to as "the Blasphemy laws". The total price of these laws to the state of Pakistan will always remain  incalculable, for to reach the final figure invaluable factors such as human  lives, international goodwill, inter-community harmony and fear and psychological maladies caused by it need accounted for. There just is no formula to do so, and indeed none can be developed.  However Pakistan in its own way has worked out a formula to deal with situations that keep arising.

1. A petty Christian worker invokes jealousy of a Muslim neighbour by being successful in his own little business.

2. The Muslim neighbour alleges that the Christian has insulted either the religion of Islam or the Holy book of Islam, or the Prophet of Islam. At this stage no further "proof" or "evidence" is needed. All the demands of Law are  supposedly met.

3. A mob is gathered usually in thousands and the verdict of justice is delivered in the form of terror, hell fire and merciless burnings and killings. The world watches....thanks to modern media devices.

4. The President of Pakistan, the PM of Pakistan and other government officials react by "...has taken notice of the events" strategies. A few more slogans like somebody "will be brought to justice", and "a full and comprehensive inquiry will be conducted" etc., etc. Buy time. And in due course another atrocity takes place, and so the cycle continues.

The latest in this cycle of events has occurred on the 9th March 2013.  For details, kindly use the links below.,-burnt,-plundered-over-blasphemy-row

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