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Friday, January 29, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Khan, Baba Rustam (Baba)

The poet behind the famous Punjabi literary work Kakh naien mayray palley (  ککھ نیں میرے  پلے  ) is the towering Christian Sufic personality of Baba Rustam Khan ( بابا رستم خان ). Though his formal education ended with matriculation (St. Thomas High School Khushpur),  his literary flight has soared beyond the limits of many university graduates and titled scholars.
Baba Rustam Khan hails from Khushpur, Chack no. 51 Samundri Faisalabad, where he was born in 1941 in an agrarian headed by Baba Qadir Bukhsh.  Mr. B R Khan married in 1962 and has lived faithfully with his wife Martha, with whom he has five children.  He enjoys reading good literature in Urdu and Punjabi, and acknowledges Allama Ernest Paul as his teacher in both poetry and prose composition.  He uses Baba (بابا )as a short literary name.
Baba has a long and checkered service record having worked in various foreign embassies and in the Catholic Church Karachi Diocese in the Kotri Parish. He served as a receptionist in the Italian Embassy (1951-1963), as a club manager in Korean Embassy (1965-1969) as a Church man in Karachi (1970-1973), as a guest house manager in an Italian company (1974-1980), as a chef in French Embassy (1981-2006) and then spent one year in Danish Embassy (2007 -2008).
His book Kakh naien mayray palley was published in 2009. When I had the privilege of speaking to this master artisan of words, he stated, 'people say, Baba plays with words, but the truth is otherwise, for in reality it is not I who plays with words, but rather words play with me'. Several more of his books are in various stages of publication and will be featured here and on our definitive website:, in due course.
Here is a sample of Baba's poetry:

کہاں    تاب   گستاخی   کی    کہ   روبرو    آؤں
بابا خاک کے ذرے بھی سورج کو گھورتے ہیں 

And here is a poem by Baba, especially written and dedicated to the CUWAP.ORG

جن چراغوں نے روشنی بکھیری تھی 
ان چراغوں  کے  چراغدان  بن  جاؤ 
مانا  ہوا  خاتمہ   تیل  و   روئی   کا 
ان چراغوں میں جلو داستان بن  جاؤ 
کیا   ہوا سوے   ادب    کے   پجاری 
ادبی   محل  کے  نگہبان   بن   جاؤ 
ارواح  ادیبوں   کو  دکھ  نہ   پہنچے 
سوۓ  ہوؤں  کے  شهادتدان  بن  جاؤ 
علم  سے   آمدنی  چاہنے   والے لوگو
کچھ  علم  کے  بھی   قدردان  بن   جاؤ 
ناسوروں    کے  فقد ن  نہ  بنو   بابا 
ادب  والو ں  کے   قلمدان  بن    جاؤ 


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rev Falak Sher

Reverend  Falak Sher was born in a Pakistani Christian family of chak no. 201 Chandian Talawan, Faisalabad, in 1965. He started his early education in his village, continued  his educational and spiritual quest  at FGA Bible College Lahore and then proceeded to KDM International Centre Seoul Korea (2007) for further studies in theology. Indeed it was in the same year when Falak Sher joined the Sunday School Teacher Training in 1987, and  since then he was blessed to have a spiritual and ministerial mentor in the form of Dr  Hezkiel Serosh who  guided  and taught  him since then.
Rev Falak Sher is a religious, social, political and human rights activist who spends a lot of his time enacting the gospel in addition  to his preaching activities. Gospel Fellowship Ministry, a registered organization, is the fruit of his vision, activities and services. As  a human rights activist he has helped widows, orphans and various other groups of deprived people.
Articles by him and about his work have appeared in a monthly magazine, 'Revival International'  published from Lahore. His work and activism has been acknowledged by  various nationally circulated newspapers ( i.e. Nawa-e-waqt, Pakistan, Aman, Shelter, Millet, Jang and others). He has authored the following four books:
1. Eeaman main dua (ایمان میں دعا )
2. Na'ey ehad ka khadim ( نئے عہد کا خادم )
3. Stooda auratt (ستودہ عورت )
4. Madad karna aur qaim rehna (مدد کرنا اور قائم رہنا )
His work has been acknowledged and won him the following awards.
1. Shield Award on 'Stooda Aurat' from Pastor Griffin Gill (16 June 2012)
2. Award by Rasta Network FSD (12 August 2012)
3. Award by Monthly Revival International on its 12th anniversary (28 November 2014)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sharar, Allama Griffin Jones (1924 - 1999)

Allama Sharar was son of Revd. Barkat Masih and was born in Mandhiala Tega, a suburb of District Gujranwala Punjab province (now in Pakistan). He studied at CTI Mission High School Sialkot and later went to the American Mission Gordon College Rawalpindi for further studies. Before completing his graduation he joined the armed forces and served n Rana Garh (Bengal), Colombo (Sri Lanka) Bilaspur (India), and Lahore (now in Pakistan).
Sharar apparently  inherited from his ancestors the vigour and predilection's for serving humanity, the glimpses of which we undoubtedly see in his inspiring messages in  the form of colossal poetical precepts which he has left behind  apart from the memories of his indefatigable zeal  he demonstrated through his active participation, presentation and performances in the community affairs as well as being the author of ten books with eight diwans and also he served as the Chief Editor of  Tajalli Magazine issued from Glasgow/UK and later he served as Patron of Christian Times published from Luton, UK.
Sharar's books:
1. Naqoosh-e Saleeb  ( نقوش صلیب )
2. Saleebain zinda hain ( صلیبیں زندہ ہیں )
3. Nada-e Saleeb (نداۓ صلیب  )
4. Saleeboun kay sa'ay (صلیبوں کے ساۓ  )
5. Keilain Kantay aur saleeb ( کیلیں، کانٹے اور صلیب )
6. Irfan-e saleeb ( عرفان صلیب )
7. Rodada-e saleeb (روداد صلیب  )
8. Karwan-e saleeb ( کاروان صلیب )
9. Masihi Mashaheer  volume 1. ( مسیحی مشاہیر جلد اول )
10. Masihi Mashaheer volume 2. ( مسیحی مشاہیر جلد دوئم )

Sharar was a social activist, a political theorist and made some remarkably accurate predictions about the future of his people in India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, however, I am afraid that these attributes of his insightful personality will not be  remembered for long. This is a pity. However, what cannot be easily forgotten, even in centuries to come is his great poetic gift and the voluminous poetry he has written and published during his lifetime.

Sharar's great literary achievement is not the amount of poetry he has produced, though it is no meagre feat in itself, but the unique ways in which he has kneaded Biblical and Christian theological phraseology in novel poetical renditions. He is a towering master of inventing original metaphors, similes and personifications using Biblical references. Throughout his  voluminous work reader can find one enduring theme and that is his unwavering devotion to the cross of his Lord Jesus Christ and his uncompromising love for his chosen beloved, the Christian Church.

This truly great scholar, and an irreplaceable son of the Asian Christian community, slept in the Lord on 28th December 1999, and is buried in Luton, UK.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ms. Ireen Farhat hails from Karachi. She is a prolific writer and has contributed innumerable articles to various newspapers and magazines, inclding; Jang (جنگ ), Naw-e waqt (نواے وقت ) , Jsarat ( جسارت ), Aftab (آفتاب ), Na'ee batt ( نئی بات ),Akhbar-e Jiahan ( اخبار جہاں ) Magazine, Family (فیملی) Magazine, Ghazi( غازی ) Magazine, Dunya-e Adab (دنیا ادب ) Magazine, The Christ Times Magazine.
She began writing poetry while at school. Her literary journy has continued without any let, and she has published her first book, Hawa ka rukh badalna chahtee houn ( ہوا کا رخ بدلنا چاہتی ہوں ).

In view of the amount of good quality poetry she has produced in relatively short period of her literary journey, it can be safely concoluded that she will no doubt make a permanent  mark among her contemporaries.

Friday, October 10, 2014

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ecumenical Serivce of Thanksgiving for British Missionaries

27th Sept 2014, London: A large group of Pakistani background Christians gathered in the St. Martin in the Fields church to express their gratitude to the British missionaries who risked everything to bring the Gospel truths to the Indian region that now constitutes Pakistan. The service was attended by the former missionaries, their children, those interested in the church works in Pakistan and nearly  a hundred Pakistanis.
the Service started promptly at 11:00 am under the leadership of Rev Rana Youab Khan and the sermon was delivered by The Rt Rev Michael Ipgrave Bishop of Woolwich. A moving testimony - Being a Missionary Child - was shared by Ms Caroline Tisdall, who spent her early childhood in India with her missionary parents.  The present challenges facing the Church in Pakistan were shared by the President of the Foreman Christian College University, Lahore.
 A brief abstract of the Church History of Pakistan was read which is copied here in its entirety for all those interested:
"The Christian story may have begun in what is now Pakistan much earlier than people imagine. Did St Thomas the Apostle come to Taxila and convert its king? The city was a considerable centre of commerce and learning in the reign of Gondaphares, whose conversion to Christianity is claimed in the apocryphal Acts of Thomas. There is also evidence of Christianity in Baluchistan, Sindh and the Punjab up until the end of the 7th century - the result of evangelism by Persian Christians.
Empire was of course a huge factor, both in the impact of the invading Muslim army of Muhammad bin Qasim in 712, and the possibilities for mission opened up by colonizing forces from Portugal, France, and Britain. Jesuit missionaries sent from Portuguese-held Goa built a Catholic church in Lahore, the first in Punjab, around 1597. Two years earlier they had been granted that permission by the emperor Akbar, who had called them to his court in Fatehpur Sikri for religious discussions. Small Catholic communities continued, to exit into the 16th century in Lahore and the Sindh, despite intermittent Mughal persecution and the end of Jesuit mission in 1760.
From 1803 British universities for several years held a prize competition for essays on 'the best means of extending the blessings of civilization and true religion among the inhabitants of Hinduism'. For all the ethnocentric assumptions  those phrases carry, British missionaries of the calibre of the Baptist 'Serampore Trio' of Marshman, Ward and Carey, and the Anglicans Benjamin Bailey, Joseph Fennn and Henry Baker, Claudius Buchannan and Henry Martyn, to whom we owe the Urdu Bible, made an entry in his journal  about the Qur'an: 'Felt much shame at being obliged to confess much ignorance of many things which I ought to know',  and publicly urged the recognition of  'eastern ways of seeing, imagining and reasoning'. The first Scottish missionary, Thomas Hunter along with his wife, Jane Scott, and baby son, came to Sialkot in January 1857. The Hunter family were killed during the Indian mutiny later that year, but their name lives on in the name of the parish church in Sialkot, Hunter Memorial Church, where generations of Christians have worshiped.
Later Victorian missionaries were not always so affirmative of the thought-world of India, but imperial  arrogance was countered by such  people as the first Anglican Bishop of Lahore, Thomas Valpy French, known as the haft-zuban padre, 'the seven-tongued priest', for his familiarity with the classical European and Indian languages.
It is important to note that he British missionaries not just served in the area of education, evangelism and health care etc but also were very much concerned about civil rights and even participated in the Independence Movement in British India.
From such people, and the pioneer Indo-Pak Christian leaders like Safdar Ali and Imad-ud-din Lahiz, I D Shahbaz and Sadhu Sundar Singh we owe the existence and flourishing of the Christian Church in Pakistan, with its doughty determination to continue its work for the Kingdom of God in education, medicine, development and theological witness, whatever crises and challenges may come."  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aasi, Joseph Saeed

Mr. Joseph Saeed Aasi
Joseph Saeed  Aasi ( جوزف سعید عا صی  ) is a choir director (at Waris Pura Faisalabad), chief organizer (at Classic Recording Studios), a researcher and producer (at Aasi Psalm Ministry), producer at Jalali Jaltrang  ( جلالی جلترنگ ) and chief adviser at D&D ministries Sargodha, Pakistan. His father Mehar-uddin Aasi was  a distinguished teacher and a celebrated scholar of Urdu and Farsi (Persian). He published three anthologies; two in Urdu: Jalali Jaltrang ( جلالی جلترنگ ) and Saz-e-Janoon  (ساز جنوں), and one in Punjabi 'Saran(ساراں). Hence, it can be rightly asserted that Joseph Saeed Aasi belongs to a very academic and literary family. He also has a deep love for music which he inherited from his maternal grandfather Sharam Dass Sahib. According to one very reliable source, has learned that the  Padri Sahib and tabla nawaz ,Padri Thakkur Dass of Naulakha Church, Lahore,  was a  pupil of Mr. Sharam Dass. Joseph Aasi himself learned the intricacies of the Eastern music from Peyaray Khan Sahib (maternal uncle of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan).  He has had the distinct honour of composing and presenting the poetry of his father into musical renditions which were broadcast from Pakistan Television (PTV) twice on Christmas and once during the Easter festivities.

The Psalms arranged by him and others can be accessed directly by clicking on the URL below:

Joseph Aasi's father had great love and admiration for I.D. Shahbaz, and Joshua Fazal-uddin Sahib, and hounouring these sentiments, he has done some ground-breaking research work on these two literary giants of the Urdu speaking Christian world.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

PMRO highlights the plight of Christian Refugees from Pakistan

On 3rd September 2014 Pakistan Minorities' Rights Organization's  (PMRO) Chairman, Mr. Asif Mall called for a meeting of prominent Pakistani back ground Christians and concerned MPs of the British Parliament to discuss the plight of Christian refugees and asylum seekers fleeing their native land to avoid dire discrimination and persecution. The meeting took place in the Thatcher Hall of the new Parliament building Westminster Palace London and was attended by over twenty delegates.

The speakers for the event included Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Jim Shannon (an MP from Ireland), Rev. John Basco (anchor for Gateway Gazette TV), Steven Peter (Former Member of the Sind Provincial Assembly) and others. Among the other attendees were Rev. Rana Yuab Khan, Adv. Qamar Shams, Michael Massey and Taskeen Khan (anchor for Awam show at Glory TV). 

The various speakers expressed concern about the status of Christians while they are in Pakistan and also the discriminatory treatment they are faced when they try to leave their land on basis of persecution.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The law of lawlessness strikes yet again...

We do not cry, for it is truly said,
"Our tears are frozen dry, 
We have no tears to shed!"

Lahore: In Quetta the  Hazara community was targeted for being "Hazara", in Karachi the Shiite community was targeted for being Shiite. So let's just accept the fact that the Christians in Joseph Colony, Badami Bagh, Lahore, were targeted for being Christians.  Xenophobic madness is not an excuse; it is a well thought-out strategy to destabilize Pakistan. Even a casual glance at the history of Pakistan over the last three decades reveals the mathematical predictability of these cowardly acts of destroying Pakistan bit by bit. Cowardly, yes. How else would you describe three to four thousand armed men marching on the houses of 178 unarmed slum dwelling Christians.

Pakistan, according to General Zia ul Haq, the soldier of Islam, is the Castle of Islam. (He is also (dis)credited  with introducing the "blasphemy laws").   And Islam according to Millions of Pakistanis is the Religion of Peace.

Internally nothing has destabilized Pakistan more than the internationally infamous and  controversial laws generally referred to as "the Blasphemy laws". The total price of these laws to the state of Pakistan will always remain  incalculable, for to reach the final figure invaluable factors such as human  lives, international goodwill, inter-community harmony and fear and psychological maladies caused by it need accounted for. There just is no formula to do so, and indeed none can be developed.  However Pakistan in its own way has worked out a formula to deal with situations that keep arising.

1. A petty Christian worker invokes jealousy of a Muslim neighbour by being successful in his own little business.

2. The Muslim neighbour alleges that the Christian has insulted either the religion of Islam or the Holy book of Islam, or the Prophet of Islam. At this stage no further "proof" or "evidence" is needed. All the demands of Law are  supposedly met.

3. A mob is gathered usually in thousands and the verdict of justice is delivered in the form of terror, hell fire and merciless burnings and killings. The world watches....thanks to modern media devices.

4. The President of Pakistan, the PM of Pakistan and other government officials react by "...has taken notice of the events" strategies. A few more slogans like somebody "will be brought to justice", and "a full and comprehensive inquiry will be conducted" etc., etc. Buy time. And in due course another atrocity takes place, and so the cycle continues.

The latest in this cycle of events has occurred on the 9th March 2013.  For details, kindly use the links below.,-burnt,-plundered-over-blasphemy-row

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Second Edition of Bethlehem Kay Shehr Main

Dr. Yousaf Masih Yad's book Bethlehem Kay Shehr Main (بیت لحم کے شہر میں  )   second edition  is now available in the market. The current includes  updates and three  new articles by the author.

Author: Dr. Yousaf Masih Yad (D.D.)

Publishers: All Pakistan Writers Guild Peshawar (Pakistan)

1st edition, 1997

2nd edition, 2012

pages 110

Price: Pak Rupees 120/=

بیت لحم کے شہر میں تبصرہ نگاروں کی نظر میں

ڈاکٹر یوسف مسیح یاد نے قدیم و جدید علوم سے بھرپور استفادہ کیا ہے اور اس علم کو مسیحی اقدار عالیہ کی ترویج و فروغ کے لیۓ کامیابی کے ساتھ استعمال کر رہیں ہیں .ان کی قابلیت اوت نابغہ شخصیات کے سب سے اہم پہلو ان کی ہقنواز یکسوئی خود ا عتمادی اور راست خدمت کے لئے تخلیقی محسن کو شعا ر حیات بنا کر کل نوع بشر کی حق کے پیغا م کو اس اہمیت کے ساتھ پیش کرنا ہے جو قدر مطلق خداۓ مہربان کے نزدیک قبل پزیرائی ہے .
علامہ ڈاکٹر یوسف مسیح یاد کی زیر نظر تخلیقی کاوش "بیت لحم کے شہر میں " مسیحی تواریخ کی ان صداقت آشنا بنیادوں پر نقش جاوداں کا درجہ رکھتی ہے جس کی بدولت نا شناس حق لوگ اپنی فلاح و بقا کے لیے سچی راہوں کا تعین کرنے میں رہنمائی پا سکیں گے ...

ڈاکٹر مضطر کا شمیری 

 "بیت لحم کے شہر میں " کرسمس کے  تاریخی رائج رسومات کی جا مع اور کلیدی حیثیت رکھتی ہے. کرسمس کے ایام میں علما پاسبان بھی اس کتاب کی تحریرات سے خود بھی مستفید ہوتے  اور کلیسیا کو بھی مستفید کرتے ہیں .کیونکہ ڈاکٹر صاحب نے کرسمس کی رسومات کی ما لا پرو کر کتاب میں درج کر دی ہے. 

اس کے علاوہ بیت لحم کی جغرافیائی حدود اربحہ اور ان شخصیات کا بھی ذکر کیا ہے جن کا اس شہر سے واسطہ رہا ہے . چرنی، چرنی چوک، بیت سا حور ، خواتین کا گرجہ ، پیدائش گرجہ کا بڑی عمدگی سے ذکر کیا ہے... 

پادری فیاض مسیح چنا

... یاد صاحب نے ہمارے ہاں کے تمام پہلوانی ادب پیدا کرنے والے حضرات کی نسبت وہ  موضوع چھیڑے ہیں جن پر کوئی قلم نہیں اٹھاتا -کیونکہ انھیں تحقیق اور غوطہ زنی کی عادت نہیں - ان موضوعات میں کرسمس کارڈ ، کرسمس ٹری ،مختلف ممالک  میں کرسمس اور خصوصی توڑ پر ٢٥ دسمبر پر ان کا نیا نظریہ  اور دیگر بہت سے موضوع ہیں جو کہ انہوں نے اس کتاب میں شامل کیے ہیں - ...

ریورنڈ  ڈاکٹر جوزف سی لعل  

تاریخ نویسی محنت طلب فن اور  بہت مشکل علم ہے. اور تاریخ دانی اس سے کہیں بڑھ کر مشکل تر ہے - مگر ڈاکٹر یوسف مسیح یاد  نہ صرف تاریخ نویسی کے ماہر اور تاریخ دان ہیں بلکہ تاریخ فہمی اور تاریخی واقعیات کی اصلیت (historicity) تک پہنچنے میں بھی کمال رکھتے ہیں -

ان کی یہ کتاب "بیت لحم کے شہر میں " اس بات کی دلیل ہے کہ وہ تاریخی  جواہر کی تلاش  میں فضول اور کم قیمت پتھروں ایر کنکروں کو نظر انداز کرنے کا سلیقہ خوب جانتے ہیں - ان کا یہی ہنر انھیں معلومات کی کانوں سے ایسے دید ہ زیب اوربیش بہا معدنیاتی  ٹکڑے جمح کرے میں رہنمائی کرتا ہے جو علمیت ، تاریخیت ، منطق ، فلسفے ، جغرافیہ ،علم ریاضی ، اور علم الہی کی کسی بھی کسوٹی پر پرکھنے پر ہمیشہ خالص سونا ثابت ہوتے ہیں -

تاریخ دانی صرف تاریخی واقعا ت  کو  وقت کی رو سے  ترتیب وار بیان کر دینے کا نام ہی نہیں بلکہ اہم واقعات  کی انفرادی اور مجموئی اہمیت کو ان کے آفاقی سیاق و سبا ق میں پہلے خود  سمجھنے اور پھر دوسروں کو سمجھا نے کی غرض سے انہیں منطقی اور رواں پیراے میں آراستہ کرنے کا فن ہے -ڈاکٹر یاد کی یہ چھوٹی سی  کتاب کائنات کے سب سے بڑے معجزاتی واقعہ ، یعنی  خدا کے انسانی شکل میں آنے کی تاریخی  حقیقت پر روحانی ، فلسفائی ،ثقافتی اور ادبی جھلکیاں پیش کرتی ہے. ...

اختر انجیلی